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Mashkinonge Provincial Park
In 1963 the Province of Ontario designated a Provincial Park (Mashkinonje) on the West Arm of Lake Nipissing. However the park was never developed and remains quite pristine. The name Mashkinonje (translated Muskellunge) is a Native word meaning great fish. The 'Musky', a solitary hunter, is prized for it's fighting spirit.  In mid 1998, The friends of Mashkinonge and the Sudbury East Board of Trade took the initiative to explore potential uses for the Park.   A life science inventory of the Park was carried out in 1998-99. To date over 300 species of plants and trees have been identified Two great-blue heron rookeries and sandhill crane nesting sites have been identified in the park. The Park will be an excellent destination for those seeking the finest in ecotourism experiences. A Park management planning process is now underway which will permit us to undertake some new developments to enhance visitation of the Park.

West Sandy Island Provincial Nature Reserve
West Sandy Island Provincial Nature Reserve is located in Lake Nipissing at the entrance to the French River in Site District 5E-5. This provincial nature reserve encompasses 266 hectares on the island’s west side. Significant features on West Sandy Island include: organic deposits, provincially significant red pine stand, relic shoreline flora, wetlands, marshes and fens. West Sandy Island Provincial Nature Reserve was regulated as a provincial park in 1994.

Sturgeon River House Museum and Wetland Trails
The Museum is a two-level 12 000 sq. ft. building surrounded by a large 12 ft. high palisade. On the main floor you can find the exhibits on the fur trading era, a small boutique for those who like to purchase souvenirs and snacks as well as an exhibit/conference hall complete with kitchen and bar.  A treck to the second floor will bring you to our temporary exhibits hall. Presently, you can view a display on the french pioneers of the area. Outside in the Museum’s innercourt you can walk around the Charles’ blacksmith shop, peek through the windows of a pioneer log home known as “la Maison Major”, check out the ice in our ice house or take in the sights from a viewing.    For more information on the trail system click here.